Tivodar won the RDS GP round at Moscow Raceway, five riders are in the fight for the championship (gamingdeputy.com)


Tivodar won the RDS GP round at Moscow Raceway, five riders are in the fight for the championship (gamingdeputy.com)

Tivodar won the RDS GP round at Moscow Raceway, five riders are in the fight for the championship (gamingdeputy.com)

The sixth stage of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series 2022 has ended at the Moscow Raceway track. Sunday’s duels were marked by contact wrestling. A rare pair of pilots managed to pass without colliding with each other, and if they did, it was often difficult for the judges to determine the winner without additional OMT runs. In such an environment, where it was important to cope not only with the car, but also with your own nerves, several favorites misfired at once.

Georgy Chivchyan (Forward Auto) didn’t get past the TOP 16. Contact with Andrey Astapov from LUKOIL Racing Drift Team did not allow the legendary Gocha to continue further struggle. In this situation, Damir Idiyatulin (SINTEC FRESH AUTO DRIFT) had a great opportunity to regain first place in the overall classification, but Damir failed to move beyond the top 8. The mistake of Leonid Schneider from Forward Auto, who provoked a clash with Idiyatulin in the TOP 16, brought Damir victory. But then the grid of races brought him together with Roman Tivodar, and here the Forward Auto pilot did not leave a single chance to his rival.

Evgeny Losev (SINTEC FRESH AUTO DRIFT) also stopped fighting in the TOP 16. As rivals, he got Sergey Sak from BY Motorsport, who, as a pursuer, made little contact with the leader, but when the pilots changed roles, Losev drove into Sergey right on the production. On this, participation in the sixth stage of the RDS GP 2022 ended for Losev.

Alexey Vakhtin (FailCrew Darkseid), Nikita Shikov (Carville Racing) and Magomed Omarov (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team) dropped out of the TOP 16. In the race with Dmitry Ermokhin (BY Motorsport), Omarov first made contact, and then completely went into a U-turn. I went to ram in the race with the future winner of the stage and Denis Migal (SINTEC FRESH AUTO DRIFT), for whom the stage ended at this point.

On this, the contact struggle in the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series at Moscow Raceway did not exhaust itself. The very first pair of TOP 8 had a collision at the end of the evaluated section – Dmitry Ermokhin (BY Motorsport) rammed Andrey Astapov (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team), so the judges sent Astapov to the semifinals. In the next pair, there were no collisions, but not without a sensation – Damir Idiyatulin (SINTEC FRESH AUTO DRIFT) lost to Roman Tivodar (Forward Auto) and lost the chance not only to fight for the victory, but also to fight for a place on the podium.

In the duel between Arkady Tsaregradtsev and Charles Ng, who once again met this season, the Hong Kong pilot of STAR PЁR STARS AIMOL, although he lost to the leader of FailCrew Darkseid, won a storm of applause from the audience in the stands with his aggressive and spectacular ride on the Flanker F close to the Tsar . Sergey Sak (BY Motorsport) and Grigory Gusev (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team) played for the last place in the semi-finals. It took the judges two whole OMT races to determine the winner of a ticket to the TOP 4, but in the end everything was decided by “bye run”: Sergey Sak made a mistake and flew off the track at the very finish line. The car overcame the entire security zone and buried itself in a steel bump stop – the BY Motorsport team did not have a few seconds to repair the car and return the pilot to the fight. So Gusev went to the semi-finals.

True, on this luck turned away from Gregory. In the semi-finals with Arkady Tsaregradtsev, he crashed into an opponent’s car in the first run. But if the Tsar was able to safely reach the finish line of the estimated section, then the car of the LUKOIL Racing Drift Team pilot had to be evacuated from the track. There was no time for repairs, so Tsaregradtsev went through the obligatory “bye run” to the final.

Arkady’s opponent for the first place had to be determined by two OMT races. Roman Tivodar (Forward Auto) and Andrey Astapov (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team) couldn’t drive in such a way that the judges could name the strongest. As a result, even after the second OMT race, the opinions of the refereeing team were divided. And for the first time in several years, the winner in the duel was determined by the results of the qualification – Roman Tivodar went to the final, as he qualified above Astapov.

As a result, partners from LUKOIL Racing Drift Team met in the battle for the third place. Taking into account the fact that both Gusev and Astapov had already been involved in accidents at the previous stages of the pair races, it was predictable that contact was not without contact this time. Grigory, as a pursuer, made light contact with the leader before the finish line, and after the finish he came to Andrey’s car much stronger. As a result of this contact battle, the judges named Andrey Astapov the winner. He finally got his first podium in the RDS GP.

The final went surprisingly smoothly. Roman Tivodar (Forward Auto), who throughout the weekend delighted the fans and frightened his opponents with his aggressive drives, drove behind Arkady Tsaregradtsev very tightly and in sync. What Arkady failed to do, who kept a respectful distance behind Roman. This decided the outcome of the duel – Roman Tivodar won his first victory in the 2022 season.

RDS GP-2022. Moscow Raceway. Personal account. Top 3:
Roman Tivodar (Forward Auto)
Arkady Tsaregradtsev (“FailCrew Darkseid”),
Andrey Astapov (LUKOIL Racing Drift Team).

RDS GP-2022. Moscow Raceway. Team score. Top 3:
“Forward Auto” – 332 points
LUKOIL Racing Drift Team — 308 points
FailCrew Darkseid – 288 points.

RDS GP-2022. Personal standings after six stages. Top 3:
Georgy Chivchyan (Forward Auto) – 1043 points
Damir Idiyatulin (SINTEC FRESH AUTO DRIFT) – 1043 points
Roman Tivodar (Forward Auto) – 1024 points

RDS GP-2022. Team standings after six stages. Top 3:
“Forward Auto” – 2176 points
FailCrew Darkseid – 1508 points.

Before the final stage of the RDS GP 2022, a situation has developed in which five pilots keep the mathematical chances for the title at once, and four athletes keep the real contenders for the championship. Georgy Chivchyan and Damir Idiyatulin are equal in points (1043 points each), Roman Tivodar is only 19 points behind them, and Arkady Tsaregradtsev is 23 points behind. And even Evgeny Losev, who loses 197 points, may well become the champion if the quartet of leaders does not have a final stage in Sochi.

Pilots and teams have enough time to properly prepare for the decisive battle for the titles. The seventh stage of the Grand Prix of the Russian Drift Series 2022 will take place in a month, on October 15–16 at the Sochi Autodrom track, where the championship participants will have to determine the name of the new RDS GP champion framed by concrete fenders.


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